Jake Lunt Showreel
Westfield '100 Years/Style/East London'
Samsung G800 'How We Met'
3DTV Old Masters
Samsung Omnia 'Unboxing'


Jake drew TVF’s storyboards and concept art for years, with such charm, humour and visual style that in 2007 we asked him to direct 'How We Met’. It went on to gain 10m Youtube Views and won top Cannes and D&AD awards. 

Many more internet hits followed (and another Cannes silver for ‘Omnia Unboxing’). Jake’s visual flair and attention to detail are typified by his recent hit ‘100 year style dance’.

Jake has an unhealthy love of his Alfa Romeo Sportwagon, cheese, drawing, Amontillado, skulls, ginger biscuits, Kurt Vonnegut and the movies Mad Max 2, Master & Commander, Moulin Rouge and The Crimson Pirate.

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